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Estimated processing time
Please allow 2-7 business days for your order to be packaged and shipped. I usually ship all my orders on Friday but since I run this alone, delays might happen. Thanks!

Estimated delivery time (after shipping)
Basic shipping option (No tracking number) - from 5 to 20 business days
Tracking number shipping option - from 2 to 10 business days

Thanks for the patience! Please consider that the estimated delivery time can vary depending on how fast your local post office work so these times are only approximations. In case the estimated delivery time has passed and you didn’t get your package, please contact me at help@tatimoons.com


If your order contains a mini size print, a polaroid or a sticker

· Europe (no tracking number) 3,50€ - International (no tracking number) 3,50€

· Europe (with tracking number) 6,50€ - International (with tracking number) 6,50€

If your order contains a small size print or a medium size print

· Europe (no tracking number) 5,50€ - International (no tracking number) 6,50€

· Europe (with tracking number) 8,50€ - International (with tracking number) 8,50€

If your order contains an extra size print

· Europe (no tracking number) 8,50€ - International (no tracking number) 12,50€

· Europe (with tracking number) 12,50€ - International (with tracking number) 15,50€


Yes, you can choose the tracking number shipping option at checkout.

No tracking number Shipping option, as the name says, does not provide a tracking number.

Tracking number Shipping option offers a tracking number which will be provided via email when your order is fulfilled. This last option is also certified, so you will have to sign to receive the package, in order to provide all the security to the shipment.


If you’ve noticed there’s an error in your address and I haven’t shipped out your order yet, please reach me out at help@tatimoons.com with your name, order number and corrected address. In the other hand, if the package has been already fulfilled, unfortunately I can no longer change its destination.


If this happens to you, you should try and ask your local post office, as your postal carrier may have left your package with a neighbor or may be attempting to deliver it again. Most of times the package is waiting for you at your local post office.

If you have contacted your postal services and they are unable to help you locate your package, you totally have to contact me by sending an email to help@tatimoons.com as soon as you can.


Polaroids, stickers and mini, small, medium prints are placed into a protective plastic sleeve with a laminated, compact cardboard to ensure the envelope doesn't bend. Extra size prints are placed into a protective plastic sleeve and rolled up in a cylindrical shipping tube.


Even it’s not the usual, any additional expenses as custom and tax fees are the responsibility of the customer, not Tati MoonS, who sadly can’t control that :(

If the item was not claimed and was shipped back to me, the buyer would have to shoulder the new or additional shipping cost to reship the item(s).

If the package is reported lost, we will claim it to the courier and Tati MoonS will return the costumer the total amount of the package, minus the shipping fees, and in some specific cases, we will ship the items again. Note that this option is only available for shipping options that include a tracking number - basic no tracking number shipping option has no tracking number, so in case the package get lost since we can’t tell where it is, Tati MoonS has no responsibilities and there will not be any refund.