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Only portraits · One person per commission · Price for an illustration is €950, shipping included

Commissions are closed and the waiting list is full until May 2019, but I do accept people requests in order to save a slot. If you are interested, please email me at providing all info below!

  • Name/Social media name: optional

  • Uses: personal or commercial

  • Add a description and some pics if you want to!

Thanks for the support!




I only accept portraits! The size of a portrait goes from top head to top shoulders.

Commissions take around one or two months to be done, but I can’t tell an exact deadline since it can vary depending on the complexity, so please make sure you contact me with enough time in case you need the drawing done for birthdays, release dates and so on.



I will share with you updates on the commission weekly. Once finished, you will get the full HD 2000×2828px final digital painting.

I can also ship your order since I ship internationally! Please ask for it before or shortly after I finish your request.



Any additional animal or person adds a fee of 850€. I charge around 45€ per hour, so the price may increase if you want many additional elements, if the commission is kind of complex and so on.

These prices are only for personal uses. You’ll be able to use the painting for commercial purposes if you pay commercial rights. For an exactly price, please contact me since fees for this can vary a lot depending on the uses of the finished artwork. Fees for commercial uses usually start at €100.

Payment is made in several times. There are no refunds available once I start the painting, sorry.