My name’s Tatiana but I go by Tati MoonS 💔 I’m a digital artist, and I’m also the one running this website for y’all in order to offer physical stuff of my art while being able to keep creating more content.

I paint since I was a child, but I created my first digital illustration in June 2016 and in January 2017 I started to use Instagram as a platform to share my creations. But to be honest, digital was hard for me so I didn’t paint that much back then (I could make one drawing per month, if so). I kept practicing and I eventually got better. I’m not sure how it happened, but my account started to grow as I posted new art in mid August ‘17, making possible a living from art, so fucking thank you all for the people who contributed because even a follow made a difference. ❤️


Started for fun and I’m lucky it’s my job nowadays, but couldn’t call me a professional!


Yes I’m self taught! I didn’t go to college or art school - I went to ‘High School’ of Arts (I don’t know how it’s called in English, but here in my country when you are 16 to 18 you can choose some of your subjects such as art, design, etc, in order to specialize before going to University), but I had to drop out in the second and last year since, in my case, the art teachers were lame, I was learning nothing at all and felt like I was wasting my time. But I don’t want anybody to drop out if they’re fine where they are, this is just my case.

By self taught I mean I was me the one who looked up for my resources. I learned everything (and still learn) from youtube videos, tutorials to timelapses, and watching other artists’ artworks, trying to learn how they paint.


I got a Wacom Intuos Art (s. small). You can find any in Amazon for about 70€. Note that it has no screen so it’s hard to get used to it, or at least it was for me.

For software I use Paint Tool Sai 2, at the moment. Brushes are the ones that come with the program! The details on my paintings are made by hand with the default airbrush.


At the moment I find myself sketching with a pen on a notebook whenever I have a new idea. If I like it, then I would take my tablet and start sketching digitally (since the tablet has no screen for me it’s super hard to do line art, so I just block my idea very roughly and start coloring right after I have something visible). I do not follow any particular order when I paint, I just go with the flow if that makes any sense. It’s hard to explain my process so here I attach a .gif of a step-by-step images extracted from one of my Patreon rewards (they got all the 73 HD process images. Patreon is closed).

Tati MoonS video process.gif

Sorry for the quality (issa gif!) . Hope I can bring videos soon <3

I sometimes have visible layers over the good ones and stuff but I hope this is as clear as possible!


All. the. time. ! I use them so I can make my paintings as accurate as I can to fit my original idea. Using references have helped me a lot in general to understand anatomy. I can make my art faster, in example I hardly ever use references for hair as I know (more less) how hair works. That’s it!

To make my reference work for me, I used to do side-by-side paintings (reference on the right, my painting on the left) or use small grids so I made sure my painting had no errors and looked like my ref. I feel like that took me away a lot of freedom so now I don’t usually do that anymore, I just get the pose, lighting, shadows or whatever I’m looking for in the ref. But I really recommend the technique if you’re struggling with proportions or similar!


I’ve been painting since I’ve been a little kid so I’m used to draw, but digital is kinda hard imo! Watching a lot of speedpaints had a lot to do with the improvement in my case, and just watching a lot of art in general. Do not forget about painting everyday! (I really have to remind me that myself!). But I’ve been painting portraits, clothes and all these since always so you just get used to!


Yup! Mostly commissions. But not sure if I’ll post those drawings any soon, sorry!